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Stress-free pricing is what we're all about. That means no hidden fees, no contracts, and the #1 support team out there!
Give your business time to grow. Our 100% free plan gets you full access to our core features.
Once your business gets going, unlock more functionality and advanced marketing features.
Our agency package. Comes with 10 sites and essential client management tools so you can deploy sites quickly for your clients on Heroic. No extra hidden fees.
All Core Features plus:
All Core & Starter Features plus:
All Core & Growth Features plus:
Unlimited visitors.../span>
Unlimited visitors...
Unlimited visitors...
Unlimited pages...
Unlimited pages...
Unlimited pages...
Unlimited basic popups...
Unlimited enhanced popups...
Unlimited enhanced popups...
5 live pages...
Unlimited live pages...
Unlimited live pages...
250MB file storageEnough storage for a large site, with dozens of pages and images.
1GB storageEnough storage for thousands of pages and images.
10GB storageEnough storage for 3 large sites, with tens of thousands of pages and images.
Basic support...
Live chat support...
Live chat support...
Basic integrationsIntegrate with any 3rd party email tool that provides HTML integrations.
Advanced integrationsIntegrate with common email & ecommerce platforms through their API.
Enhanced integrationsIntegrate through our Zapier integration. (New hooks added all the time)
Heroic branding
Advanced marketing functionality
A/B Page Split testing
Page passwordsPassword protect your pages
Polls & surveysAdd polls & surveys to your site & funnel (coming in June 2018)
Next-generation visual page editorVisual page builder (usually only an expensive paid plugin) - makes it super-easy to make changes to your page, small or large
Lightning fast hostingWe host it all for you on Amazon’s super-secure, high-speed cloud-hosted infrastructure, which gives your site a load time of 2 seconds or less. The benefit of this is that you’ll get better treatment from the search engines. (Your page load time is one of the highest-priority factors they take into account when determining site rankings.)
Full-featured blogFeel free to build your blog on Heroic with your full-featured, fast, secure blogging system
Unlimited pagesCreate as many pages as you want, no limits.
Easy, built-in SSLEvery Heroic site comes with full SSL security, free of charge. Normally you'd pay between $20 and $100 per year.
Global font & color paletteGlobal font and color palettes make it easy for you to establish site-wide font and color styles that you can apply to every page you create. Every headline will look the same, every time you use that blue, it's exactly the right shade. These kind of details make it simple to keep your site consistent and send the critical signal that you're "for real" to your visitor.
Unlimited popupsAll-you-can-eat Popups! Create as many as you like, fast and free, for any need, using the Heroic visual page builder.
Free access to millions of high quality stock imagesInside Heroic you have access to millions of high-quality and legal-to-use stock images at absolutely no cost.
Content LocalizationOur optimized hosting setup puts copies of your site onto servers in almost every country of the world, so that no matter where your visitor lives, they'll have super-fast load times, just as if your site was hosted next door
SEO optimizedAll content made inside of Heroic is 100% SEO-friendly and is completely indexable by search engines. So, get ready for some serious organic traffic coming your way.
Template updatesConstantly-updated, built-in library of pages, templates, plugin-modules that you can use for free, created by designers with expertise in direct response marketing, to keep your pages fresh and looking up-to-date (you would have pay a designer big bucks for this)
Fully ResponsiveKnow that your site will look fantastic on every device, from desktops to mobile phones.
Site security & firewallSay goodbye to worry, Heroic fully secures your website without you needing to do a thing.
Live chat supportHeroic live chat support is there when you get stuck, any time of the day or night.
All current and future templates & prebuiltsWe're constantly updating and adding to our library of templates and prebuilts. You'll spend less time building pages and more time profiting.
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