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No more guesswork. We've done the thinking behind the scenes for you, so no matter your business, rely on our suggestions for the perfect pages to grow your business. Be up & running in just minutes thanks to Heroic's innovative website editor platform.

Collaboration beyond colleagues
Global Style System

Our site-wide font & color style management system is your secret weapon in keeping your site effortlessly looking high quality.

Face-to-face and -screen
Safe & Secure

Your site is hosted in the world's most secure data centers. Plus, there are no security patches to install or software to update. Your site is always protected from malware or buggy plugins.

Integrated file sharing
Free Lifetime Updates

You'll receive all of the latest feature and security updates. It's like having your own personal web team constantly improving your website that you don't have to pay.

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Not sure whether Heroic is for you? Take advantage of our 30-minutes free strategy calll. A great business website that you'll be proud of and that will build your business is just a few minutes away.

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The Superhero Builder That Makes it Simple.

Heroic unlocks a stunning level of design that was previously only available to you if you could afford expensive designers and programmers. Heroic truly moves the goalposts on what's possible with your site.

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A Gorgeous Library of Free to Use Images

The right images bestow instant credibility.

Heroic includes millions of free, gorgeous, high-quality & legal stock images to drop right into your page to keep your site looking fresh and completely "pro".

Access the images from right within the platform, and feel confident that whatever image you choose is 100% legal to use.

Packed with Features

We're obsessed with revolutionizing the way folks build sites that grow their business. With Heroic, all of the essential tools you need to supercharge your site are baked right in. Just choose from Heroic's built-in library of advanced features and go full-on Superhero.

1-click integrations
1-Click Integrations

We integrate with basically everything. If you're using it, we can talk to it, so everything runs smoothly.

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SEO Friendly

Your site will be search-engine attracting machine with Heroic's inbuilt, powerful SEO.

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Superfast Hosting

No more additional hosting fees. Heroic includes “ludicrous mode” hosting, delivering content to your visitors in 2 seconds or less. Critical if you want to get to Page 1 of Google's results.

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Advanced Security

Heroic employs advanced DDoS mitigation techniques to protect your site from malicious traffic. We've got your back!

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Normally an extra charge, your Heroic website comes with a free 2048-bit SSL certificate. This secures your visitor connections and improves your ranking in search results.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

We believe that a beautiful website that works to build your business shouldn't cost the earth. We a simple and affordable pricing model for all businesses.

Heroic Customer Care.
Talk to a human, anytime.

You aren't the expert, we are. That's why we've built in live chat for all paid accounts, so you can ask us anything, so you never feel stuck. Think of us like your personal web team, on call, free.


The Hall of Superheroes...

“Made $60,000 in Sales!”

“ With our Heroic site, we generated 60k in sales within the month. Heroic gives the solopreneur the edge that bigger companies with bigger budgets have. You can be one person at your kitchen table, but you don't have to look like it, and you shouldn't.”

Davina Detrik

Davina Detrik

"I Wasted a Lot of Time..."

"... trying to create a website that does what we wanted it to and looks the way we enjoyed, using Wordpress. There were always problems with getting things to work and not break down when there was another update to Wordpress, and don't get me started on how it looked. It didn't even come close to what we wanted. With Heroic, if I have to build a new page, or section of my site, I am actually looking forward to it now."


Helmut Whitaker

"I LOVE Heroic!"

"You've given me all the pages I didn't know how to create, and instructions that I think even I could follow. This is absolutely BRILLIANT."

Ron Ireland

Ron Ireland

“I Love This Platform"

“I have been with Heroic since '3 upgrades ago' and I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I love this platform. I never thought I could say that website work could ever be pleasurable and now it is!”

Janine Gregor

Janine Gregor

“I never thought I'd say this, but...”

“I have loved every moment of creating my own site with Heroic. I am not a techy person, so first I was very apprehensive about creating my own site, but with the help of the AMAZING support team and the easy-to-use interface, I came to really enjoy the entire process. And best of all - my site looks better than some of the sites I see created by professional web designers! ”


Kat Kim


"I Got New Clients!"

““My site isn't live yet but on my domain but I have 7 beautiful pages ready to go. I showed it to a potential client, and he was so impressed he is now a client!!”

Ana Costa

Ana Costa


"I feel delighted!"

"I truly enjoy working on the Heroic platform, and feel delighted with what I am able to do on Heroic after just a few weeks. What you can produce for content is visually MUCH nicer. One of my very favorite things about Heroic is what I think are little elves that seem to live and work in the help screen...if you write to them, they respond quickly and they are ALWAYS helpful."

Deb Grant

Deb Grant

"Game Changer!"

"It's just SOOO easy now with this. I'm a self taught wordpress hacker and pretty savvy with most all page builders etc. The default style and functionality Heroic provides is so next level. I jumped in with your pre-builts and made what i was looking for in about 5 minutes!"

Nathaniel Solace

Nathaniel Solace

“Heroic Saves Me Time & Money”

“With Heroic -- I've built not one but two sites with Heroic without being an expert in web design, which saves me time and money.”


Cindy Montgenie

“I LOVE this platform!”

“I am finally happy with a website that I built myself. I geek out because I can create pages, funnels, forms, you name it - easily and the way I want to.”

Dani Anderson

Dani Anderson

“Heroic has set me free”

“Creating a visually stunning website has been effortless. It's such a time and money saver because it isn't complicated. Plus you are supported by an amazing team that delivers impeccable customer service. When you find a platform that makes the effort you put into building a website feel effortless, you've struck gold. I feel ignited about how elegant my website looks to the outside world. And I feel confident because I have the freedom to execute just about anything I want now.”

Melanie Kastner

Melanie Kastner

"Looks like it cost me $50,000!"

"My cousin saw my site for the first time today. Her response: "WOW!" She loved the colors, the layout, the fonts, the "pop," the everything about it. She asked who did it. I told her about Heroic and that I designed it collaboratively with your training and support. She said, "it must have been a whole lot of support because it looks like it cost you $50K!"

Edree Allen-Agbro

Edree Allen-Agbro

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Not sure whether Heroic is for you? Take advantage of our 30-minutes free strategy call. A great business website that you'll be proud of and that will build your business is just a few minutes away

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